Cyclic Products

Here is a list of products; there is a complete list of ordering options at the end of this page.

Standard Support will cover most small groups for $6000/year (see that page for ordering information).

Basic Support is available for CVS on Windows and Linux, at $200/user.

Cyclic Gallery CD-ROM.

Cyclic T Shirts

CVS Coffee Mug

CVS Reference Cards

Books (order from or other bookstores).

CVS consulting (contact Cyclic or third party consultants for ordering information).

Ordering Information

Cyclic Order Form for sending us a check by postal mail, United States only. Basic Support, CD-ROM, T shirts, coffee mugs, reference cards.

Cyclic online store (place the order online, pay by credit card, check or wire transfer, via web, postal mail, telephone, or fax). CD-ROM, reference cards.

Kagi. Basic Support.

Prime Objective (Europe). CD-ROM.

Linux Mall (North America, but will ship worldwide). CD-ROM.

Other resellers

Free CD-ROM to Linux User Groups in the United States.

Developer Resources

Technical Issues: Other Issues:

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