Cyclic Gallery

Best Free software for programmers and web authors.

The Cyclic Gallery CD-ROM contains CVS, Aegis, SCCS, tkCVS and cvsweb (user interfaces to CVS), autoconf (software portability tool), and much more.

We have web pages concerning the packages on the CD-ROM:

The Cyclic Gallery packages are also available for free download (linux/windows).

Configuration Management Tools

  • RCS, automake, and libtool would be part of the packaged Cyclic Gallery except they are already included with Red Hat Linux itself (and probably most Linux distributions).
  • RCS - simpler version control tool which operates on one file at a time.
  • Automake/libtool - companions to autoconf.
  • Our contributors from and are also developing some Tools for PRCS and Aegis in Germany.
  • GNATS is a bug-tracking system with graphical, emacs, command line, and web user interfaces. It also has a client/server protocol so several sites can access a single bug database.
  • Other Configuration Management Tools.

Programming Tools

  • GCC compiler for C and C++.
  • FORTRAN compilers.
  • Emacs editor/environment.
  • Vi editor.
  • Perl scripting language.
  • Tcl scripting language.

Web Authoring Tools

CVS v1.12.12 Manual

  • 1. Overview
  • 2. The Repository
  • 3. Starting a project with CVS
  • 4. Revisions
  • 5. Branching and merging
  • 6. Recursive behavior
  • 7. Adding, removing, and renaming files and directories
  • 8. History browsing
  • 9. Handling binary files
  • 10. Multiple developers
  • 11. Revision management
  • 12. Keyword substitution
  • 13. Tracking third-party sources
  • 14. How your build system interacts with CVS
  • 15. Special Files
  • A. Guide to CVS commands
  • B. Quick reference to CVS commands
  • C. Reference manual for Administrative files
  • D. All environment variables which affect CVS
  • E. Compatibility between CVS Versions
  • F. Troubleshooting
  • G. Credits
  • H. Dealing with bugs in CVS or this manual
  • Index
  • [Cyclic Home]